Education – The Key For A Bright Future.

Helping people help themselves

We believe that education is the key for a life in independency. The first foundation is to learn self sufficiency, so that one can have an independent life. Education can neither be sold, stolen, nor lost. Everyone who reads and writes has better chances to stand up for themselves and their rights, and to take his/her life into their own hands.

The main emphasis of our support is on children and women. For them, life offers a special challenge in India.

We cordially invite you to learn more about our ongoing projects

- Leilani-children's Home I and II
- Education For You
- Priscas' Tuition Center
- Nevandras' Tuition Center
- Skills Training
- Yogi Rescue Home

Please feel free to contact at us if you need any additional information. We would be pleased to answer any questions.