We Are Personally Committed!


The association of Nevandra was founded in January 2011, after careful much consideration by the couple Béatrice Kasser van der Meulen and Tjeerd van der Meulen. The managing director, Béatrice Kasser van der Meulen, brings 15 years of experience as a business manager of NGOs and development assistance. Under her leadership many projects have already been implemented in India and Nepal. It was up to her and her husband to set up their own charity according to their own principles and standards.

The most important is help for self-help, short, fast decision-making processes, and the need for local help and sustainability.

With the energetic support of other members of the Management Board, a stable, anchored association could be established.

In addition to the Management Board, other active "Nevandra friends" are taking part in the daily business. Together, we are committed to the validity of human rights. All parties involved work voluntarily.

President / Board Member

Tjeerd van der Meulen

Managing Director / Board Member

Béatrice Kasser van der Meulen

Actuary / Board Member

Graziella Toma

Consultant / Board Member

Dr. Thomas Rihm


Alison Ferguson


Kathleen Metz


Markus Beck

IT Specialist

Peter Erni