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May 2016 - Fire at Leilani I - happiness in misery - support is welcome

A nightmare became a reality. There was a fire at Leilani. There was a short circuit in the refrigerator, and the entire kitchen suffered massive fire damage. To our great relief, no injuries occurred. Our girls had left two days before the incident, for their summer holiday. The housemother woke up from the smoke at 5 o'clock in the morning to the sound of the alarm and was able to evacuate and get out safely. This event has affected us all, and we are infinitely grateful that only material damage has arisen. The fire damage amounts to approx. CHF 4'000.00. If you could support us with financial aid to help repair the damage at Leilani, we would be very grateful. Unfortunately there is no fire insurance in India.

X-Mas 2016 - Short Movie

Our Leilani-Girls have made a short X-Mas movie. They send their warmest and best wishes torward you... Enjoy!


Leilani I

Leilani II

July 2016 - Move Into Our New Home